What Will Happen After You Die?

It is easy to put off estate planning. You think you have time, or you think that even if you pass away without an estate, your spouse will automatically get everything and be able to handle it easily. However, that is not true.

If you pass away intestate, or without an estate plan, your entire estate will have to go through the process of probate, which can be lengthy and expensive, and will delay the process of distributing your estate to your family, who may desperately need it.

One Easy Step To Protecting Your Family

There is an alternative. You can easily protect your family from the time and expense of probate, not to mention the difficulty of making ends meet while your estate is distributed. Creating an estate plan is simpler than you think.

Thompson Horst, PLLC, is a law firm offering skill, experience and a uniquely client-centered approach. We believe in creating solutions perfectly tailored to your situation, whether that means including:

  • A basic will
  • Tax planning
  • A charitable remainder trust
  • A standalone retirement trust
  • A Medicaid planning trust
  • Differently structured annuities

No matter how simple or complex your estate may be, we will evaluate your needs and create a plan that you can rest assured will work when your family needs it to. We can also set your mind at ease by answering any questions you may have.

We also offer probate and estate administration services, to make the process of probate as simple as possible for you.

Contact An Experienced Estate Planning Lawyer Today

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